Tomás on tour

Most weeks we are on the road selling fudge at a food market, craft fair or other special event.

This is a guide of where Tomás is bringing Man of Aran Fudge during the year.

For the most up to date news make sure to follow us on Facebook. And if you are on the road, follow the van.


Hope you are all well and staying safe and OBVS  sorry to say Tomás is not on tour – and greatly missing all the events that he would otherwise enjoy with you BUT at least he is back in production and you can buy the fudge here online   – all updates can always be found at 


Ne’er cast a clout e’r May is out…!  Don’t know when the  Tralee Food Festival will happen this year .. .  The  Balmoral Show  is happening mid-August so we cannot go there but at least you can buy the fudge here online