Frequently Asked Questions

When ordering for delivery to Northern Ireland select United Kingdom as the country and make sure to enter your postcode.

It is essential to add your postcode as the ordering system uses BT codes to verify an order is for Northern Ireland and not Great Britain.

Great Britain

Very much regret that at the moment we are unable to post orders to Great Britain due to Brexit (N.I. not affected). We hope that in the future there will be some sort of deal that will make shipping to GB a viable option for us again. Thank you for all your support in the past.

We will continue to send orders to Northern Ireland. Make sure to enter your postcode.

Other Regions

The global pandemic resulted in a collapse in air travel which in turn triggered massive hikes in the cost of air freight. Therefore it has become unviable to accept orders on the website for shipment overseas.

However, if you really must have our fudge (and who can blame you?) you may contact us via email at with your requirements.

You can purchase up to 2,700 grammes (2.7kg) of goods. A small box of fudge weighs 330g; a large box of fudge weighs 825g; a box of Turkish Delight weighs 400g.

Minimum shipping rates:

  • Europe €51.00
  • Australia & New Zealand €80.00
  • Rest of the World €60.50

The fudge tastes best in the first four to six weeks of its life. As it ages it becomes less creamy and hardens but can last for a year.

There was a lady at the Rose of Tralee Festival who bought it every year and made her box last from one year to the next! 

Our fudge is best eaten fresh! And then order more!!

But if you are keeping this fudge for any length of time please store in a cool, damp place, best not kept airtight and away from strong odours.

NB: Did you receive Peppermint Choc Chip?  If this is part of the box it would be better to take it out and store separately as otherwise all the fudges will shortly taste of peppermint!

A cool damp place varies from house to house but generally speaking we suggest that a utility room. However it is important not to store it beside anything that smells strongly as fudge does pick up aromas (e.g in utility room avoid putting beside soap powder) which can spoil it.

The fridge can be a good option but is inclined to make sugar crystallize. It should be okay for 4 weeks but, while it does not go off as such, it may become less creamy as the sugar starts to change texture.

We have not been successful freezing the fudge.

Our turnaround time is 5 working days. As we live on an island we do not have access to courier services. Therefore all orders are sent via the postal service (An Post).

As we live on an island we do not have access to courier services. Therefore all orders are sent via the postal service (An Post).

You can view An Post’s rates here: NB: All calculations are based on packets NOT parcels.

Tip: Shipping costs will be displayed in your shopping basket and at checkout.

You need to track the packet with the postal service in the country of destination e.g. if the fudge is going to North of Ireland then you check with the Royal Mail.

You can order whenever you like. You may add a note for preferred delivery date if you wish – the earlier you order then the easier it is for us to calculate what is needed.

Yes you can indeed. There is a box asking for additional information just beside shipping details on the checkout page. If you add your message with instructions in that box we will confirm receipt of that when we give you date of order being sent.

Label size is 7cm x 4cm – 100 characters in size 12 font.

It is important that our fudge is fresh so currently we are only making the most popular flavours that will sell quickly.

However, if we receive a few requests for the same flavour that is not in stock we will consider adding it back.

Yes we supply it by the slab or half slab. Approx weight of a slab is 2.6kg (half slab 1.3kg). A slab is roughly 30cm by 23cm x 3cm.

Note that the minimum order is for one slab ( e.g. 1 slab or 2 half slabs).

We can score it for you if you wish before sending it to your home or directly to the hotel.

Please phone Tomás on 086-256 6542.