Baking with Fudge – Our Recipes

Fudge as a Fairy Cake Topping

A very special topping for a bun that really puts it into the league of best-in-the-world has to be melted Man of Aran Heavenly Honeycomb Fudge.

This photo shows a banana and walnut bun with Heavenly Honeycomb fudge melted on top.

Just melt the fudge in a bain-marie, add a little liquid if required and pour.

Chocolate Fudge: a filling for Danish pastries

Remember the terrible winter of 2010?

Several markets were abandoned that time and one Saturday there was nothing to be done so I decided to enjoy a session in the kitchen and make some Danish pastries.

As I did not have any ground almonds to make a filling I sliced the fudge and laid it on the pastry instead.

DELICIOUS. They tasted every bit as good as they look.

Man of Aran Fudge for Ice Cream

A quick and easy recipe, 10 mins max. Ideal for desert at lunch or suppertime. Suitable for children to make under supervision.

  • 200 gram any flavour fudge
  • 400ml milk or cream
  • Block HB vanilla ice cream
  • Double saucepan
  • Wooden spoon

Place water in bottom of double saucepan and put onto heat.
Put fudge into top of double saucepan.
When fudge nearly melted gradually add cream/milk, stirring all the time.
When desired consistency reached remove from heat.
Pour over ice cream and serve immediately.