Making Man of Aran Fudge

The important thing about making fudge as Tomás will tell you is to make plenty of it – seriously though you can never have too much fudge…

Quality ingredients are key: Kerrygold butter is an essential ingredient because it is still made with cream not just milk.

The flavourings are special too; we use so much vanilla essence that the recipe is printed in my head: the quality of the brandy used with the macerated vanilla pods and more particularly the storage conditions really make a difference.

Some fudge manufacturers boil their ingredients together but Tomás prefers to cook everything in a bain-marie allowing the flavour of the vanilla essence assimilate gradually (note the crumbly fudge is boiled).

Lots of Kerrygold butter
Starting to mix the Baileys fudge
Sultanas being added
Pouring the fudge
Scraping the last bits out
Smoothing the surface of the tray of fudge
A tray of fudge ready to set

After that process is finished he adds different flavours, again quality is key for the additions: Baileys means Baileys!  We use sultanas, nuts etc. as sourced and packaged by Buchanans and our chocolate comes from Callebaut.

Tomás has developed a very special technique with twirling and swirling; he dances continuously when making fudge….  see all the flavours he makes.